Road security

Photo 1 travel safety Tips, une femme à l'aeroport
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Photo 2 Road Trip, une femme avec une valise a milieu d'une route en terre
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Photo 3 escalade , un homme qui escalade une montagne
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Photo 4 Photographie, une femme qui prend en photo un plafond
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Photo 5 Afrique trip, des femmes africaines portant de l'eau
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Photo 6 Surf, un homme dans l'eau avec ça planche de surf
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Political, Economic, Religious, and Ethnic Violence

In response to potential unrest, the King introduced a new Constitution, approved by referendum in July 2011, and parliamentary elections were held that November. While the king is still the head of state, a moderate Islamic party took power, gaining more latitude to govern under the new Constitution. The current government, under the tutelage of Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane and his Justice and Development Party (abbreviated to PJD in French), has embarked on an agenda seeking to improve the economy and the justice systems

Local, Regional, and International Terrorism Threats/Concerns

LOn May 16, 2003, 33 people were killed by 12 suicide bombers in Casablanca. Thereafter, the government put a great deal of effort into fighting terrorism, making numerous terrorism-related arrests every year since. Moroccan security services continue to place a large emphasis on finding and arresting potential terrorist cells before they become operational. The majority of those detained are from grassroots jihadist cells. While these cells may be inspired by and in communication with jihadists elsewhere, the government largely has been successful at keeping transnational terrorist networks from establishing a firm presence in Morocco.

Post-specific Concerns, Environmental Hazards

Environmental hazards mainly revolve around flooding and the occasional earthquake. The rainy season (November-March) often results in flash floods in the mountainous and desert areas. These floods can cause landslides and damage roads, making them impassable. In addition, strong rain can overwhelm drainage systems and cause flooding. Major roadways, including the high-speed toll roads, have been closed for hours and side roads for days due to standing water. In November 2014, Morocco experienced significant rainfall that caused widespread flooding and infrastructure damage in southern Morocco.

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